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We Are Here For You!



Who We Are

Daniel Ziedins and his wife, Katie Ziedins, are certified ministers devoted to providing spiritual support through prayer and facilitating healing in the name of Jesus. Recognizing the importance of faith in times of distress, they extend their services to hospitals and homes, welcoming those in need to reach out via call or text. With a sincere commitment to their ministry, Daniel and Katie seek to release healing and salvation to individuals facing health challenges or seeking spiritual solace. Their dedication to being a source of comfort reflects a genuine desire to support others on their journey toward real healing. If you or a loved one are in search of spiritual guidance and prayer, contacting Daniel and Katie Ziedins offers an opportunity to receive support from caring and certified ministers. - Located in Grimsby, Ontario (Near Hamilton) but willing to drive!

Katie and Daniel Ziedins

If Daniel and Katie are not able to make it for whatever reason, we are blessed to have a large team and network of incredible faith-filled believers willing to come and pray for you or your loved one! - Reach out to us today!

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