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Love on Hamilton

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

What is Love on Hamilton all about?

Love on Hamilton focuses on loving the people of Hamilton in every way we can. We want to see the lost and the broken come to know Jesus and be healed in His presence. There's not one person God's love cannot reach; anyone can be redeemed and forgiven by His grace. Our goal is simply to love, and believe that through our love, they will encounter God.

When and Where do we meet?

Tuesday Nights 

7:00pm - 9:00pm @ 75 John St. N. - Lot #2 (one of the big parking lots)

What exactly do we do?

Once we all meet at the parking lot at 7pm, we usually start loading up multiple Carts full of donations we have (ie: food, drinks, socks, clothes ect..) We then all pray together as a group, after that we usually split up into smaller groups of around 4-5 per cart, We than walk the streets going wherever the Holy Spirit leads with our group handing out donations to the homeless (or anyone) & praying for people / sharing the love of Jesus! - We all try to be back at the parking lot by 9pm so we can each share testimonies from each group of what God did that night and then we all pray as a group and head home! :)  -  Every week is different as we are all open to where ever and how ever the Lord leads us.

How do I get in Contact?

Join our Love on Hamilton - Public WhatsApp group and we'll get back to you asap! :)

Simply Click Here To Join:

You can also Email us at: 
Or Call & Text us at: +1 (365) 536-2662

Where Can I Get The Latest Info & Updates?

Have a look at our Featured Post that is frequently updated with the latest info:  HERE

Also, keep an eye out on our 'The Latest' Tab!

For further questions, you can ask them in our Public WhatsApp Group.

Anything else I can check out?

You are SO welcome to join us for a service at OVERFLOW. < For more info.
Also if you live in a different city or country even, be sure to check out LOVE ON THE WORLD. < For more info.

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