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July Newsletter

❤️ Love on The World Monthly Newsletter

Do Everything In Love. - 1 Corinthians 16:14

July 2023 From: Daniel & Katie


Such an incredibly Fruitful month! Love on Hamilton Worship in the Park (Overflow) Discipleship Bible Studies Encounter on Evening Walk Coffee Shop Encounter Eastgate Mall (Outreach) Trailer Fundraiser Update


LOVE ON HAMILTON We had so many new people come join us this month during our weekly outreach in Hamilton! As always, we had plenty of testimonies of healings, miracles & salvations! One testimony that stood out for us this month: My group felt to take a different way back than usual, we kept asking Holy Spirit to lead us. We ended up walking past a car dealership and connected eyes with one of the workers. He was drawn to us, just as much as we felt drawn to him! He said he was Sikh and he’s never heard the gospel before. As we shared Jesus with him, and the reality of eternity…. His eyes were WIDE open. I mean, you could just see he was truly listening to every word! We chatted for a good 10-15 minutes or so, and then prayed with him. He said he’s very open and seeking!! His wrist felt better after we prayed also, hallelujah! I told him it’s not a coincidence we are chatting tonight …. We RARELY ever go down that street, I mean, I don’t even remember going down that street ever! Lol he was surprised But I said, GOD wanted to meet you tonight and share the good news of Jesus! We left him with some pamphlets and were on our way, as it JUST started to rain. Praying for this man’s heart to receive Jesus and his whole family!!


Worship in the Park Our Sunday Overflow Service! Every Sunday we host our 'Overflow' Evening service where we worship together, share testimonies and an encouraging word. For the Summer months (July-August) we felt to do the service outside at Victoria Park in the same spot, instead of meeting in the church building. WOW! It has been so amazing seeing God moving! As we worship and share testimonies, people walking by are watching and stopping to listen! A few of us make sure we are close to the pathways so we can evangelize to those walking by and invite them over. A few people walking by HAVE joined us!! Praise God!! A few people have received healing and even started crying when we prayed with them. A young girl named Olivia who's in our group had such bad pain in her legs and wasn't able to take many shifts at work because of it. After our group prayed over her, instantly all the pain left her and she was SO surprised and filled with joy. The next week she said she's been able to take MORE shifts at work because it no longer hurts to stand! Thank you Jesus!! You are a miracle worker!


EASTGATE - MALL OUTREACH One Saturday afternoon, we felt to go to Eastgate mall in Stoney creek and do some 1:1 evangelism. We had so many great conversations and got to pray with quite a few people! Here's one testimony that stood out: We felt to go into this kids store and talk to the lady working at the desk... we asked her what she believed and she mentioned she was Hindu but she's currently seeking for truth. When I told her about how Jesus changed our lives, she was open to hearing the gospel! As we shared with her, she began to ask questions and was really curious about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. She let us pray with her and even asked Jesus herself, "if you are real, please reveal yourself to me" and said she felt so much peace after we prayed. Praise God! She was so open and hungry for more.


DISCIPLESHIP Every Wednesday, I do a bible study on Zoom with a group of women - most who are new to the faith. We had so many great conversations this past month and were able to encourage each other. One girl in our study even got baptized this month and gave her life to Jesus!!! Hallelujah! She recently came to faith just a few months ago and has been completely sober ever since.


COFFEE SHOP ENCOUNTER Last month at a coffee shop, I felt to go up to the barista before leaving and just tell her how much Jesus loves her... and to put all her anxieties on him. She started tearing up, “wow that means so much to me, I’m going through a really hard time” I shared how Jesus is HERE right now and he loves her and wants relationship with her, and she doesn’t need to go to a building to experience God! She couldn’t believe why a stranger would approach her and care so much for her. I asked her if I could pray and she said “I’m an atheist but yes… I’m open” I held her hand and prayed as she cried Come on!! Jesus is so good! We just have to step out in faith and he knows each persons needs!


EVENING WALK ENCOUNTER A week ago I was out on an evening walk by myself... I started talking with this girl with her dog I felt God highlighted her. I told her about Jesus loves her, that he cares for her and knows all her needs. She started crying!! I then prayed with her and asked her what else I could do! She gave me her number so we could meet again. Praying for this girl often as I believe it's a spiritual battle and she may be involved in witchcraft.


FUNDRAISING FOR TRAILER We received the full amount!! Thank you for your generosity!


We are still looking for more Monthly partners so we can be completely focused on ministry and plan more outreach events! Please consider partnering with us below for as little as $1/month. If you are already a monthly partner - Thank you SO much! We are so grateful for you and we keep you in our prayers daily.

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